Primary Leadership 3rd November

On Friday the 3rd November ten students from Year 5 attended the Primary Leadership Academy at Wantage Leisure Centre. The aim of the leadership Academy is to train these young leaders to become more confident in leading within the school either at intra events or whilst playground leading. The day was run by King Alfred’s Young Ambassadors who planned the day. They led warm up games which they played with the children. They helped the children to design and run their own game which was then taught to another school. It is hoped the students will now feel more confident to think about new games the can try whilst playground leading within school. The students also had a chance to ask about the leadership and young ambassador programme at King Alfred’s. All of our students were very keen to become involved in this programme. In the afternoon the children played a game of Danish Long Ball which they are all enjoyed, they are looking forward to playing this with their classes during PE! The last part of the day was thinking about things they would like to implement in school, these ideas will be discussed at the next sports council meeting.