Gymnastics Competition 13th March 2018

On Tuesday 13th March 2018 Wantage took 15 children to a gymnastics competition at Abingdon Gymnastics Club in Berinsfield.
Our First team which was for the Year 1 and 2 children competed in the Key Step 1 category. They had to perform a floor routine which included a forward roll, teddy roll, back support, a step turn, a balance and stretch jump. They also had a vault to perform which included one using a beam and one using a spring board. The girls all enjoyed using the spring board!
The Year 3 and 4 children took park the Key Step 2 challenges. In their floor routine they had to a perform a series of balances and movements including a shoulder stand, forward roll to standing, from and back support, Arabesque, half turn, backward roll and a cartwheel. In their vaults they had to do a tuck jump and a stretch jump.
In the floor routine for Key Step 3 (Year 5 and 6 children) their routine started with a bridge or splits followed by a handstand to forward roll, Y balance, full turn, backward roll to a straddle, and finishing off with eith 2 cartwheels or a round off. In their vault they could perform one without a spring board with a stretch jump or with the spring board perform a through vault.
All the children who took part had a fantastic afternoon and wowed the judges with their performances. They year 3 and 4 girls wowed the judges so much they won first place.
Well done to everyone who took part.