Quad Kids Athletics

On Wednesday 23rd May 2018 the Year 3/4 children took part in the Quad Kids Athletics competition which was held at King Alfred’s East Site.
Wantage had 2 teams of ten children take part with all the children competing in a 400m, 50m, Standing Long Jump, Vortex Throw.
The teams had a fantastic day with many first place finishes in many events. Wantage B came 8th and A finished in 2nd place
In the individual standings three of the year 4 girls finished in the top three with Alice in 3rd, Olivia 2nd and Kara 1st place!


The day after the Year 5/6 children took part in their competition their events were a 600m, 75m, standing long jump and vortex throw.
The teams again had a fantastic afternoon with Wantage B finishing 5th place and Wantage A finishing in 2nd place.
In the individual standings Rachel finished in 1st place overall and Ethan finished in 3rd Place.



Both A teams will be representing the school at the Vale final in term 6.